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As the most popular database system in the world, Microsoft Access keeps getting better with each new version. The new Access 2013 provides significant new features that will enhance your experience of building web-based and traditional database applications. This book shows you everything you need to get started immediately, and it guides you through exploring a multitude of programming tools and techniques for building Access 2013 solutions.

Written by a team of Microsoft Access MVPs, this book leverages our expertise and passion for Access. In expanding the reach of Access, we incorporated the knowledge and experience of over a dozen experts to consult, test, and provide examples working with SharePoint, SQL Server, .NET, and web development. And to make sure that we could provide a model for a robust business solution, we worked closely with the Microsoft Access team to be at the forefront of defining, testing, and implementing the new features for Access 2013 web apps.

In creating the demo apps and writing this book, our team pushed the limits of what was provided and helped to delineate the required functionality. We not only blazed ...

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