In 2005, we felt that the time was right for an open source content management system to challenge the enterprise software landscape. With over 20 years of content management experience, we created Alfresco as a platform for enterprise-scale content management to manage, distribute, and access critical business content, including web sites, office documents, records, images, and rich media. We chose to take an open source approach because we wanted to create Alfresco in a way that was accessible, open, and encouraged community participation.

Professional Alfresco is an in-depth introduction to the Alfresco CMS by the people who built it. It provides you with an overview of Alfresco, its core capabilities and architecture, and the methods to extend it with its RESTful interfaces and lightweight scripting with Alfresco Share as a starting point. This book will help you understand the value of content in your application and show you how to build content-rich applications or web sites that integrate with your enterprise environment or web presence. With detailed guidance and best practices, you will be able to control the exponential growth of content in your organization.

As the creators of Alfresco, we also wanted to give you an understanding of why we have made the choices we have and to demonstrate that this is a powerful and rich yet simple platform for creating content applications. We hope that this will inspire you to join the community of developers using, extending, ...

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