Chapter 12

Canvas and Drawables: Building Custom Android Graphics

What's in This Chapter?

  • Using the Canvas object
  • Understanding the drawing process and players
  • Creating, animating, and transforming custom graphics
  • Optimizing performance via SurfaceView
  • Understanding drawables
  • Using drawables as XML resources
  • Making basic shapes and colors
  • Creating compound drawables
  • Responding to events

This chapter dives deeply into the process of creating custom graphics using Mono for Android. In particular, we will delve into not only the different tools available to create custom graphics but also where and why to apply them.

At this point, you have covered many of the basic concepts regarding developing for Mono for Android. From using basic resources to understanding the application life cycle to using various views, you have all the pieces in place to create fully functional applications. With this understanding, you can use an amalgamation of these concepts to approach the finer details of creating custom graphics on the Android platform.

The focus of this chapter is to build on your foundational understanding of the Android platform to accomplish more advanced effects such as drawing graphics on the fly, creating animations, and making a more interactive interface. In particular, this chapter walks through the design and implementation of the drawable packages that are provided in Android. Finally, we will touch on a few different common yet advanced tasks that developers often face ...

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