Chapter 16

Preparing and Publishing Your Application to the Market

What's in This Chapter?

  • Preparing your application: best testing practices and tools
  • Creating the final build
  • Signing your application
  • Deploying to the Android Market

After spending grueling hours writing, designing, developing, and testing your application, you're finally ready to put your application on the market. Whether you are releasing a free or for-pay application, you know that the first impression your application makes on a potential user means everything toward your success. The goal of this chapter is not only to help you successfully publish your application but also to help you ensure that your application succeeds.

Although you have already put a significant amount of work into your application, you still have quite a few additional steps to take when approaching application publication. Regardless, it is essential that you take your time and not cut any corners, because a few moments of impatience can result in dismal sales or downloads. With that in mind, this chapter is broken into two sections that focus on two different aspects of application publication:

  • “Preparing Your Application” focuses on the steps required to get your application ready for uploading to the application market. In addition to including the typical checklists, this section suggests tools and processes you can use to perform the final tests for your application.
  • “Publishing Your Application to the Android Market” covers ...

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