Professional Apache Tomcat 6 is primarily targeted toward administrators and engineers responsible for Tomcat configuration, performance tuning, system security, or deployment architecture. This book doesn't cover Web application development using Tomcat. A lot of other good books, such as Beginning JavaServer Pages (Wrox Press, ISBN 0-7645-7485-X), fulfill this need. Instead, this book focuses on its primary audience — i.e., Tomcat administrators — and tries to provide what this audience needs as best as it can.

This is the third edition in our Apache Tomcat series. Our first edition, Professional Apache Tomcat, covered Tomcat versions 3 and 4. The second edition, Professional Apache Tomcat 5, focused primarily on Tomcat 5. Since then, Tomcat has released a new edition, and hence the need for this book.

What's Changed Since the Second Edition

Those of you who own a copy of our previous book will no doubt be wondering what's changed in this one, and if it justifies a purchasing an updated version.

Well, a lot has changed — and improved! There is a new specification (Servlet 2.5, JavaServer Pages 2.1) and a brand-new Tomcat version (Tomcat 6) implementing it. Tomcat 6 boasts of performance and memory optimizations, faster and more scalable Connectors, and an improved clustering implementation.

Other than updated content, you will find the following in the book:

  • Complete and updated coverage for Tomcat 6: This book focuses exclusively on the new Tomcat version.

  • Performance, ...

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