Chapter 17. Introduction to Team Foundation Server


  • What Is Team Foundation Server

  • Team Foundation Server Core Concepts

  • How to Access Team Foundation Server

  • What's New in Team Foundation Server 2010

  • Adopting Team Foundation Server

This chapter introduces you to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. Here you will learn what it is for, the key concepts needed when using it, and how to connect to Team Foundation Server.

For those who are already familiar with Team Foundation Server from previous versions, the discussion in this chapter highlights areas that are new or have changed substantially. However, because understanding the legacy of a technology is always helpful, this chapter also includes some of the history of the Team Foundation Server product, which will help explain how it became what it is today. This chapter will also examine some best practices and strategies for adopting Team Foundation Server in your organization.

Later chapters will go into more depth with an examination of the architecture of the Team Foundation Server product. There you will learn about version control, including a whole chapter dedicated to branch and merge strategies. Another chapter concentrates on the Build Automation capabilities provided by Team Foundation Server, since they have been growing in functionality as the product matures, and this release has some particularly significant functionality.


Developing software is difficult, ...

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