Chapter 22

Introduction to Software Testing

What's In This Chapter?

  • Understanding the different types of tests supported by Visual Studio 2012
  • Learning how to create and run tests within Visual Studio 2012

The next several chapters introduce the testing functionality supported by Visual Studio 2012. Visual Studio provides support for authoring a range of tests, all designed to help you identify bugs in your software before your users do.

One of the most substantial investments Microsoft made in Visual Studio 2010 was improved support for software testing, and they have continued to enhance that functionality with Visual Studio 2012. Microsoft has also focused considerably on better integration of those testing activities into the rest of the software development lifecycle, such as the handoff of detailed bug reports from a tester to a developer.

Perhaps the most notable addition to Visual Studio 2010 was the completely revamped support for authoring, executing, and managing manual tests. Manual testing — essentially just a form of testing that requires human input and validation — is usually performed by generalist testers, and is by far the most common type of testing conducted in the software development industry. Hence it became a natural extension of the Visual Studio family of products to support the generalist tester with better tools and testing frameworks. Manual testing is covered in detail in Chapter 23.

Visual Studio 2010 also introduced support for managing virtualized ...

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