Chapter 25

Web Performance and Load Testing

What's In This Chapter?

  • Learning how to use web performance tests to simulate user activity on your website
  • Testing the capability of your website to accommodate multiple simultaneous users with load testing
  • Understanding how to analyze the results of your web performance tests and load tests to identify performance and scalability bottlenecks Code Downloads for this Chapter

The code downloads for this chapter are found at on the Download Code tab. The files are in the Chapter 25 download folder and individually named as shown throughout this chapter.

This chapter continues coverage of the testing features of Visual Studio 2012 by describing web performance and load tests.

With web performance testing, you can easily build a suite of repeatable tests that can help you analyze the performance of your web applications and identify potential bottlenecks. Visual Studio enables you to easily create a web performance test by recording your actions as you use your web application. In this chapter, you find out how to create, edit, and run web performance tests, and how to execute and analyze the results.

Sometimes you need more flexibility than a recorded web performance test can offer. In this chapter, you see how to use coded web performance tests to create flexible and powerful web performance tests using Visual Basic or C# and how to leverage the web performance testing framework. ...

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