12.13. Managing an Application's Users Through IIS 7.0

As part of the IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET integration, administrators and developers now have the chance of managing an application's users through a new IIS 7.0 applet. Figure 12-1 shows the .NET Users applet in the ASP.NET category of the IIS 7.0 Manager tool.

Figure 12-1. Figure 12-1

To access the users' management section, simply double-click the .NET Users applet. Figure 12-2 shows the details of the .NET Users applet.

Figure 12-2. Figure 12-2

The main features the administrator or the developer can make use of are listed on the right Action pane. If you have any registered users in the database, they will show up in the middle grid with the following columns:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Created

  • Last Login

By default, the .NET Users applet communicates with the default Membership provider set in the application's web.config. If you do not specify any provider, the one set in the machine.config, AspNetSqlMembershipProvider will take effect.

To add a new user to the database, click on the Add link. Figure 12-3 shows the resulting dialog box.

To create a new user, you have to supply data for the following fields:

  • User Name

  • Email

  • Password

  • Confirm Password

  • Question

  • Answer

Figure 12-3. Figure 12-3

Once you are done, click the OK button. A new ...

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