Professional ASP.NET MVC 3

Book description

New edition of the top book on MVC from the top ASP.NET experts at Microsoft!

MVC 3.0 is the latest update to Microsoft's Model-View-Controller technology, which enables developers to build dynamic, data-driven web sites. This in-depth book shows you step by step how to use MVC 3.0. Written by top ASP.NET MVC experts at Microsoft, the latest edition of this popular book covers new and updated features such as the new View engine, Razor, NuGet, and much more. The book's practical tutorials reinforce concepts and allow you create real-world applications. Topics include controllers and actions, forms and HTML helpers, Ajax, unit testing, and much more.

  • Shows developers and programmers how to use ASP.NET MVC 3.0, Microsoft's new version of its Model-View-Controller technology for developing dynamic, data-driven web sites
  • Features an expert author team all are members of Microsoft's ASP.NET team
  • Uses a step-by-step approach to explain all major features and functionalities and provides practical tutorials to allow you to create real-world applications
  • Goes into theory as well as practical application and covers such topics as Razor, NuGet (PowerShell inside Visual Studio 2010), and new layout features

Move your development skills to the next level with MVC 3.0 and Professional ASP.NET MVC 3.0.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Chapter 1: Getting Started
    1. A Quick Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
    2. Creating an MVC 3 Application
    3. Understanding the MVC Application Structure
    4. Summary
  3. Chapter 2: Controllers
    1. The Controller's Role
    2. A Brief History of Controllers
    3. A Sample Application: The MVC Music Store
    4. Controller Basics
    5. Summary
  4. Chapter 3: Views
    1. What a View Does
    2. Specifying a View
    3. Strongly Typed Views
    4. View Models
    5. Adding a View
    6. Razor View Engine
    7. Specifying a Partial View
    8. The View Engine
    9. New View Engine or New ActionResult?
    10. Summary
  5. Chapter 4: Models
    1. Modeling the Music Store
    2. Scaffolding a Store Manager
    3. Editing an Album
    4. Model Binding
    5. Summary
  6. Chapter 5: Forms and HTML Helpers
    1. Using Forms
    2. HTML Helpers
    3. Other Input Helpers
    4. Rendering Helpers
    5. Summary
  7. Chapter 6: Data Annotations and Validation
    1. Annotating Orders for Validation
    2. Custom Validation Logic
    3. Display and Edit Annotations
    4. Summary
  8. Chapter 7: Securing Your Application
    1. Using the Authorize Attribute to Require Login
    2. Using the Authorize Attribute to Require Role Membership
    3. Extending Roles and Membership
    4. Understanding the Security Vectors in a Web Application
    5. Proper Error Reporting and the Stack Trace
    6. Security Recap and Helpful Resources
    7. Summary: It's Up to You
  9. Chapter 8: AJAX
    1. jQuery
    2. AJAX Helpers
    3. Client Validation
    4. Beyond Helpers
    5. Improving AJAX Performance
    6. Summary
  10. Chapter 9: Routing
    1. Understanding URLS
    2. Introduction to Routing
    3. Under the Hood: How Routes Tie Your URL to an Action
    4. Custom Route Constraints
    5. Using Routing with Web Forms
    6. Summary
  11. Chapter 10: NuGet
    1. Introduction to NuGet
    2. Installing NuGet
    3. Adding a Library as a Package
    4. Creating Packages
    5. Publishing Packages
    6. Summary
  12. Chapter 11: Dependency Injection
    1. Understanding Software Design Patterns
    2. Using the Dependency Resolver
    3. Summary
  13. Chapter 12: Unit Testing
    1. The Meaning of Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development
    2. Creating a Unit Test Project
    3. Tips and Tricks for Unit Testing Your ASP.NET MVC Application
    4. Summary
  14. Chapter 13: Extending MVC
    1. Extending Models
    2. Extending Views
    3. Extending Controllers
    4. Summary
  15. Chapter 14: Advanced Topics
    1. Advanced Razor
    2. Advanced Scaffolding
    3. Advanced Routing
    4. Templates
    5. Advanced Controllers
    6. Summary
  16. Foreword
  17. Introduction
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Product information

  • Title: Professional ASP.NET MVC 3
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781118155370