I was thrilled to work on the first two versions of this book. When I decided to take a break from writing on the third version, I wondered who would take over. Who could fill the vacuum left by my enormous ego? Well, only four of the smartest and nicest fellows one could know, each one far more knowledgeable than I.

Phil Haack, the Program Manager ASP.NET MVC, has been with the project from the very start. With a background rooted in community and open source, I count him not only as an amazing technologist but also a close friend. Phil currently works on ASP.NET, as well as the new .NET Package Manager called NuGet. Phil and I share a boss now on the Web Platform and Tools and are working to move both ASP.NET and Open Source forward at Microsoft.

Brad Wilson is not only my favorite skeptic but also a talented Developer at Microsoft working on ASP.NET MVC. From Dynamic Data to Data Annotations to Testing and more, there's no end to Brad's knowledge as a programmer. He's worked on many open source projects such as XUnit.NET, and continues to push people both inside and outside Microsoft towards the light.

Jon Galloway works in the Developer Guidance Group at Microsoft, where he's had the opportunity to work with thousands of developers who are both new to and experienced with ASP.NET MVC. He's the author of the MVC Music Store tutorial, which has helped hundreds of thousands of new developers write their first ASP.NET MVC application. Jon also helped organize mvcConf—a ...

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