IT's A GREAT TIME to be an ASP.NET developer!

Whether you've been developing with ASP.NET for years, or are just getting started, now is a great time to dig into ASP.NET MVC 3. ASP.NET MVC has been a lot of fun to work with from the start, but with features like the new Razor view engine, integration with the NuGet package management system, deep integration with jQuery, and powerful extensibility options, ASP.NET MVC 3 is just a lot of fun to work with!

With this new release, things have changed enough that we've essentially rewritten the book, as compared to the previous two releases. ASP.NET MVC team member Brad Wilson and noted ASP.NET expert K. Scott Allen joined the author team, and we've had a blast creating a fresh new book. Join us for a fun, informative tour of ASP.NET MVC 3!

Who This Book Is For

This book is for web developers who are looking to add more complete testing to their web sites, and who are perhaps ready for “something different.”

In some places, we assume that you're somewhat familiar with ASP.NET WebForms, at least peripherally. There are a lot of ASP.NET WebForms developers out there who are interested in ASP.NET MVC so there are a number of places in this book where we contrast the two technologies. Even if you're not already an ASP.NET developer, you might still find these sections interesting for context, as well as for your own edification as ASP.NET MVC 3 may not be the web technology that you're looking for.

It's worth noting, yet again, ...

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