Chapter 16Advanced Topics

What's In This Chapter?

  • Using mobile support
  • Understanding advanced Razor features
  • Working with view engines
  • Understanding and customizing scaffolding
  • Working with tricky routing scenarios
  • Customizing templates
  • Using controllers in advanced scenarios

In previous chapters in this book, we postponed discussing some of our favorite advanced topics because they could distract you from the concepts. Now that you've made it this far, you have the fundamentals down and we can share more of that advanced content with you. Let's go!


All code for this chapter is provided via NuGet as described in the book introduction. NuGet code samples are clearly indicated with notes at the end of each application section. The NuGet packages are also available at


Using mobile devices for viewing websites is becoming increasingly common. Some estimates show mobile devices account for 30 percent of website traffic, and it's on the rise. Thinking about your site's appearance and usability on mobile devices is important.

A variety of approaches exist for enhancing the mobile experience of your web application. In some cases, you just want to make some minor style changes on smaller display resolutions. In others you might want to completely change the visual appearance or content of some views. In the most extreme case (before moving from mobile web application to native mobile application), ...

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