Chapter 9

Using Layar Tools


  • How to launch layers
  • How to use the Layar Shortcut Tool
  • How to add the launcher icon to Android devices
  • How to create and prototype layers with third-party tools

In the previous two chapters, you learned the basics of Layar development. As you have seen, Layar development is easy once you have mastered MySQL. In this chapter, you will learn about some of the tools available from Layar and third parties that simplify the developing and loading of Layar.

To test the Layar Shortcut Tool, you will need a PC installed with the Android SDK from Google and a development IDE (such as Eclipse). You will also need an Android device.


URL: None.

Technical Knowledge Required: None

The process of asking your users to load Layer, navigate to the accommodation category, and then scroll down until they find the Real Estate layer you created is a long and tedious one. Fortunately you can make your layer much more discoverable by providing users with a shortcut to the layer. This enables users to launch your content via a web page or even with a QR code.

Using Layar Intent

Layar Intent is a way to tell Layer how it should handle incoming request from a web browser. Intent can be one of two types:

  • layar://your_unique_layer_name. This format should be used to link to a layer from within the Layar client (for example, redirects or links within your layer). This format will also work within the iPhone and Android web browsers ...

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