Chapter 13

Taking Your Application to Market


  • How to create the perfect listing
  • Ideas for marketing your application
  • Strategies for making money for your content

About a year ago, I was looking for an iPhone developer to build an application. The application was very simple in nature, so simple I could have written it myself given the time and access to a Mac. However, I didn’t want to invest in buying a Mac so I decided that it would be cheaper/more efficient to pay a developer for a day’s work. In my quest to find a developer, I found my way into an Apple developer’s forum and came across a post from a marketing guy looking for help. His proposition went along the lines of:

“I have a great idea for an application but I don’t have any development skills. The application is simple and will only take a day, maximum two days to complete. If a developer is interested in writing the application I will do all the marketing and we’ll split the profits 50%.”

I thought the opportunity sounded interesting. At the very least, if I was a developer, I would want to know more. What the marketing guy received, however, was 120 responses — all giving him abuse. Some developers pointed out that they wouldn’t develop the application for 99 percent of the profits; other responses pointed out in more colorful language where the marketing guy could take his offer.

The temptation is for developers to think they are the most important part of the process. They often think all ...

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