4.5. Value Additions for Simple Remoting

In this section, you will learn to extend the remoting facility in BlazeDS to include a couple of additional features that add value on top of what is already available. This is not a section that illustrates every possible extension scenario. It simply can't, as there are too many possible cases. Many of the subsequent chapters in this book pick up some of these customization and extension topics individually.

The topics covered in this section pertain only to the following:

  • Custom security implementation

  • Extension of the JavaAdapter to include an interception point

4.5.1. Custom Security Implementation

You already know many things about the BlazeDS security from the section on configuration in this chapter and from the last chapter. Here, you will learn how to extend the standard model and implement a custom security model.

BlazeDS has built-in security implementations for most mainstream application servers, including the following:

  • Tomcat

  • JBoss

  • Weblogic

  • Websphere

  • Oracle AS

  • JRun

However, if you happen to use any of the other alternatives, including:

  • Glassfish

  • Geronimo

  • ATG Dynamo

Or, if you like to delegate security to an underlying framework such as Spring or an independent identity manager, then you have a little work to do before things are ready for use.

BlazeDS security implements ways to authenticate and authorize users. Authentication identifies a user, and authorization makes sure the user engages only in permitted actions.

BlazeDS deploys ...

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