Chapter 37. Creating Documents with WPF


  • Creating flow documents

  • Creating fixed documents

  • Creating XPS documents

  • Printing documents

Creating documents is a large part of WPF. The namespace System.Windows.Documents supports creating flow and fixed documents. This namespace contains elements with which you can have a rich Word-like experience with flow documents, and create WYSIWYG fixed documents.

Flow documents are geared towards screen reading; the content of the document is arranged based on the size of the window, and the flow of the document changes if the window is resized. Fixed documents are mainly used for printing and page-oriented content and the content is always arranged in the same way.

This chapter teaches you how to create and print flow and fixed documents, and covers the namespaces System.Windows.Documents, System.Windows.Xps and System.IO.Packaging.


To build the content of documents, you need document elements. The base class of these elements is TextElement. This class defines common properties for font settings, foreground and background, and text effects. TextElement is the base class for the classes Block and Inline whose functionality is explored in the following sections.


An important aspect of text is the look of the text and thus the font. With the TextElement, the font can be specified with the properties FontWeight, FontStyle, FontStretch, FontSize, and FontFamily.

  • Predefined FontWeight values are defined by the FontWeights ...

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