Chapter 47Message Queuing


  • Message Queuing architecture
  • Using Message Queuing administrative tools
  • Creating Message Queues programmatically
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Course order sample application
  • Using Message Queuing with WCF


You can find the code downloads for this chapter replace URL with on the Download Code tab.

  • Working with Queues
    • Create Message Queue
    • Find Queues
    • Open Queues
    • Send Messages
    • Receive Messages
  • Course Order Sample
    • Sender
    • Receiver
  • WCF Course Order Sample
    • Sender
    • Receiver


System.Messaging is a namespace that includes classes for reading and writing messages with the Message Queuing facility of the Windows operating system. You can use messaging in a disconnected scenario in which the client and server don’t need to run at the same time.

This chapter gives you information about the architecture and usage scenarios of Message Queuing, and then you dive into the classes from the System.Messaging namespace to create queues, and send and receive messages. You see how to deal with getting answers from the server with acknowledgment and response queues, and also how to use message queuing with a WCF message queuing binding.

Before diving into programming Message Queuing, this section discusses the basic concepts of messaging and compares it to synchronous and asynchronous programming. With synchronous programming, when a method is invoked, the caller ...

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