28 Localization

What’s In This Chapter?

  • Formatting of numbers and dates
  • Using resources for localized content
  • Localizing WPF Desktop Applications
  • Localizing ASP.NET Core Web Applications
  • Localizing Universal Windows apps
  • Creating custom resource readers
  • Creating custom cultures

Wrox.com Code Downloads for This Chapter

The wrox.com code downloads for this chapter are found at www.wrox.com/go/professionalcsharp6 on the Download Code tab. The code for this chapter is divided into the following major examples:

  • NumberAndDateFormatting
  • SortingDemo
  • CreateResource
  • WPFCultureDemo
  • ResourcesDemo
  • WPFApplication
  • WebApplication
  • UWPLocalization
  • DatabaseResourceReader
  • CustomCultures

Global Markets

NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter was lost on September 23, 1999, at a cost of $125 million, because one engineering team used metric units while another one used inches for a key spacecraft operation. When writing applications for international distribution, different cultures and regions must be kept in mind.

Different cultures have diverging calendars and use different number and date formats; and sorting strings may lead to various results because the order of A–Z is defined differently based on the culture. To make usable applications for global markets, you have to globalize and localize them.

This chapter covers the globalization and localization of .NET applications. Globalization is about internationalizing applications: preparing applications for international markets. With globalization, ...

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