IF YOU WERE TO DESCRIBE THE C# LANGUAGE and .NET as the most significant technology for developers available, you would not be exaggerating. .NET is designed to provide an environment within which you can develop almost any application to run on Windows. Runs on Windows—wait, I would have said that with previous versions of the .NET Framework. The new version, .NET Core 1.0 not only runs on Windows, but it also runs on Linux and Mac systems. The C# programming language is designed specifically to work with .NET. By using C#, you can, for example, write a web page, a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application, a REST web service, a component of a distributed application, a database access component, a classic Windows desktop application, or even a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that enables online and offline capabilities. This book covers .NET Core 1.0 and also the full .NET Framework stack, .NET Framework 4.6. If you code using any of the prior versions, there may be sections of the book that will not work for you.

Where possible, samples of this book make use of .NET Core 1.0. The book code is built on a Windows system, but you can run the samples on other platforms as well; small changes might be needed to run them on Linux. Read Chapter 1, “.NET Application Architectures,” to see how to build the applications for the Linux platform. What’s not possible to run on Linux? WPF applications still need the full .NET Framework and run only on Windows. ...

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