22Date and Time Utilities

This chapter discusses the time-related functionality provided by the C++ Standard Library, known collectively as the chrono library. It is a collection of classes and functions to work with time and dates. The library consists of the following components:

  • Durations
  • Clocks
  • Time points
  • Dates
  • Time zones

Everything is defined in <chrono> in the std::chrono namespace. However, before we can start the discussion of each of these chrono library components, we need a small digression to look at the compile-time rational number support available in C++, as this is heavily used by the chrono library.


The Ratio library allows you to exactly represent any finite rational number that you can use at compile time. Everything is defined in <ratio> and is in the std namespace. The numerator and denominator of a rational number are represented as compile-time constants of type std::intmax_t, which is a signed integer type with the maximum width supported by a compiler. Because of the compile-time nature of these ...

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