In this section you are introduced to the topics covered in this book, the assumptions being made about skill level, expected version of software, and instructions for downloading the source code used in this book.

Whom This Book Is For

This is not a book on the basics of Flex. I am assuming that if you are interested in a topic like the Cairngorm framework, you know your way around the basics of Flex and are here to expand upon your existing skills. I am assuming knowledge of the following topics:

  • Setting up a workspace in Flex Builder

  • Creating a Flex project

  • Working with remote data classes such as HTTPService, RemoteObject, and WebService

  • Creating MXML-based components and including them in your main application

  • The basics of object-oriented programming concepts as they apply to ActionScript, including:

    • Packages

    • Classes

    • Importing

    • Inheritance

    • Interfaces

These topics may be discussed in the context of the Cairngorm framework, but I will assume that for the most part you are familiar with them. However, I may explain basic procedures such as how to create a class when Cairngorm-specific steps need to be taken.

What This Book Covers

This book takes an in-depth look at the Cairngorm framework. It does so by examining the actual source code of the framework, looking at code from sample applications, and exploring the underlying principles that inform the design of the framework. You will be building several features of a blogging application using the Cairngorm framework.

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