1.3. Overview of Cairngorm

This section is meant as a broad overview of the major components that make up the Cairngorm framework. Subsequent chapters will examine each of these parts in more detail.

1.3.1. Cairngorm Source Code

Because it is an open source project on the Adobe Open Source web site, you have full access to the source code for Cairngorm. The code is stored in a Subversion repository. Directions for installing a Subversion client and for checking out the code can be found at http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/cairngorm/Get+Source+Code.

It is not necessary to check out the source code for the purposes of this book, but if you want to, that option is available to you.

1.3.2. Cairngorm Organization and Documentation

The documentation and class structure outline for Cairngorm can be found at http://cairngormdocs.org/docs/cairngorm_2_2_1/index.html.

Much like the standard Flex framework, Cairngorm's classes are organized into packages. These are:

  • com.adobe.cairngorm

  • com.adobe.cairngorm.business

  • com.adobe.cairngorm.commands

  • com.adobe.cairngorm.control

  • com.adobe.cairngorm.model

  • com.adobe.cairngorm.view

  • com.adobe.cairngorm.vo

It is not necessary to know the contents of each package in order to build a Cairngorm project, but knowing the basic structure will help you understand how the framework is organized and, should you need to locate a particular class, make that easier to do. When applicable, this documentation will be referenced as you explore the major components ...

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