26.1. Ten Tips

Jesse Warden opens his "10 Tips For Working with Cairngorm" blog post by stating, "These are not facts, just my opinions based on my experiences using ARP & Cairngorm for over two years." As you will see, some of these are not so much tips or suggestions as they are reassurances that you are not alone in what you are experiencing while trying to learn Cairngorm.

Warden proposes the following 10 tips for working with Cairngorm:

  1. If Cairngorm looks complicated, don't worry. It is, and you're not alone.

  2. If it feels like it takes a long time to do something in Cairngorm, it does.

  3. Only Commands set data on the Model; you can break this, just don't if you can help it.

  4. Delegates make the server call and parse the data (sometimes in a Factory).

  5. If you see a Command parsing data, it's coded wrong.

  6. There are three ways to use Commands and Delegates.

  7. ViewLocators are considered bad practice.

  8. ViewHelpers are considered bad practice.

  9. Don't use flash.net.Responder, use mx.rpc.Responder instead.

  10. Try not to have Views use CairngormEventDispatcher (or Events that extend CairngormEvent use event.dispatch()).

A few of these items contained subordinate items that I omitted from the listing. They'll be taken into account later as we examine each of these tips. In the sections that follow, the heading will paraphrase the idea behind a given tip and tips may be combined if they are related.

26.1.1. Cairngorm Looks Complicated

About this, Warden states, "I felt 'comfortable with Cairngorm' on my ...

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