chapter 12

Cinema Products, Cameras, Magazines, and Accessories

12.1 CINEMA PRODUCTS 35mm XR 35* CAMERA (Fig. 12–1a and 12–1b)

NOTE: All directions are from the Operator’s point of view.

12.1a Outer Case

Consists of two sound-insulated sections: (1) main housing in which magazine housing is an integral part, (2) motor housing.


Figure 12–1a. XR 35 (left front). Courtesy of Cinema Products.

1.  LED counter

2.  Bayonet-type lens lock

3.  Follow-focus bracket lock knob

4.  Readout button

5.  Camera access knob

6.  Contrast knobs

7.  Eyepiece

8.  Eyepiece-focus knob

9.  Focus-lock grip

10.  Magnification/light-trap knob

11.  Ratio-selector knob

12.  Follow-focus ...

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