chapter 13

Eclair Cameras, Magazines, and Blimp


NOTE: All directions are from the Operator’s point of view.

13.1a Base

Base includes camera body and turret. Attached to bottom is a flat male dovetail (Fig. 13–1a) fitted with a 3/8″-16 and/or 1/4″-20 tapped hole to accommodate tripod-lockdown screw. Otherwise, the wedge-shaped dovetail is inserted into a female adapter on an Eclair tripod.

To Mount on Eclair Tripod. Slide camera dovetail into female adapter until lock pin snaps into hole in bottom of dovetail.

To Remove from Tripod. Lift pressure cam at front of female adapter; pull lock pin down; remove camera from female adapter.

13.1b Motors

To Mount. Tilt motor base 45° toward rear. Insert motor-drive dog ...

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