chapter 17

ULTRACAM Camera, Magazines, and Accessories

17.1 35mm ULTRACAM CAMERA* (Figs. 17–1a, 17–1b, and 17–1c)

NOTE: All directions are from the Operator’s point of view.

17.1a Base

Sliding Balance Plate. Used in order to provide the camera with a “quick-release” system on a tripod or geared head.

Unit consists of three parts: (1) A dovetailed wedge plate (with a 3/8–16” screw and two locating pins), that is attached to the bottom of the camera.

(2) A dovetailed mount that accommodates the wedge plate at its top and, in turn, fits onto the dovetail of the base (lower) plate. It slides on the base for ease of balance of the camera on the tripod.

NOTE: The upper plate can slide back and forth but will not slide off because of the front-, center-, ...

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