chapter 18

Cinema Products Steadicam Film/Video Camera Stabilizing System Model 3A

Model 3A is a camera-mounting and stabilizing system for use with 16mm and 35mm film and video cameras. The System consists of a Stabilizer-Support Arm attached at one end to the Operator’s Vest and to a Camera Mounting Assembly at the other.

18.1 SYSTEM COMPONENTS (Fig. 18–1)

18.1a Operator’s Vest

Transfers and distributes weight of Steadicam system (including camera and lens) across Operator’s shoulders, back, and hips.

18.1b Stabilizer Support Arm

Adjustable arm counteracts camera weight with calibrated spring force. Has articulated elbow hinge, which frees arm to move 360° horizontally from elbow. One end of arm attaches to vest frontplate. Gimbal connects ...

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