BNC: (Camera). A Blimped Newsreel Camera.

BNC: (Electronics). A Bayonet Neil-Councilman plug.

Boom: An extension piece used to support a matte box or, on some cameras, to support a lens from above the turret.

Buckle-trip: A spring-actuated circuit breaker that cuts power to the camera.

Cam: (Camera. (See eccentric)

Cam: (Viewfinder). A flat metal piece used to guide a roller so that the viewfinder parallax always coincides with the focus of the camera lens.

Cannon plug: A tubular-shaped, multiple-contact connector, fitted with a guide-key to ensure correct mating of contacts, and equipped with either a spring-lock on the receptacle or a threaded nut and collar on the plug shaft to hold the plug securely to the receptacle.

CCD: Charged ...

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