Chapter 5Reactive Web Pages in ClojureScript

If you aren't using ClojureScript to make web pages, you are missing out. This style of programming is fast, fun, simple, and rewarding. And when I say fast, I mean really fast. It is a quantum leap from any other style of programming. You really have to experience it to appreciate it.

In this chapter you create a project, build a page, and deploy it. You build a project management tracking web page where users can create stories, change status, and track progress of their project. Then the chapter covers the common libraries used to leverage ClojureScript as a platform for developing useful solutions.

First take a broader look at what ClojureScript has to offer.


Interest in ClojureScript among web developers is growing strong. The two most watched presentations from the 2015 Conj conference are about ClojureScript. There is good reason for this attention: ClojureScript is eclipsing the current alternatives for building web applications.

ClojureScript is ...

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