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Professional CodeIgniter®

Book Description

If you're a PHP developer, you can build Rails-like applications without learning a new language by following the hands-on tutorials in Professional CodeIgniter. In this book, find an overview of MVC and agile technologies, model and schema for products, helpers and libraries, Ajax and Scriptaculous, and explanations of the creation of applications like content management, blogs, and forums. Follow the step-by-step instructions for building and perfecting each application with CodeIgniter, and you will learn how to avoid everyday problems that other reference manuals don't address.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Dedication
  4. Credits
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Welcome to the MVC World
    1. What's Model-View-Controller?
    2. Why Bother with MVC?
    3. A Brief History of MVC
    4. Comparing PHP MVC Frameworks
    5. Revisiting the Opening Example
    6. A Slightly Different Approach: Templates
    7. Conclusion
  8. Agile Methodologies and Approaches
    1. What Is Agile?
    2. Notable Agile Methodologies
    3. Modifying Scrum and XP
    4. Gather Your Requirements While You May
    5. Conclusion
  9. A 10,000-Foot View of CodeIgniter
    1. Downloading CodeIgniter
    2. CodeIgniter at a Glance
    3. Initial Configuration
    4. CodeIgniter Libraries
    5. CodeIgniter Helpers
    6. Creating Models, Views, and Controllers
    7. Uploading Your Files
    8. Conclusion
  10. Creating the Main Web Site
    1. Displaying the Home Page
    2. Displaying Product Categories
    3. Displaying Product Details
    4. Displaying Search Results
    5. What about the Shopping Cart?
    6. Revisiting the Sprint Backlog
    7. Conclusion
  11. Building a Shopping Cart
    1. Displaying the Shopping Cart
    2. Revisiting the Sprint Backlog
    3. Meeting with Claudia
    4. Polishing the Look and Feel
    5. Conclusion
  12. Creating a Dashboard
    1. Gathering Requirements
    2. Creating a Sprint Backlog
    3. Creating a Rudimentary Admin Framework
    4. Revisiting the Sprint Backlog
    5. Conclusion
  13. Improving the Dashboard
    1. Batch Mode Operations
    2. Importing and Exporting
    3. The Client Review
    4. Reassigning Products from Deleted Categories
    5. Reworking Colors and Sizes for Products
    6. Revisiting the Sprint Backlog
    7. Conclusion
  14. Last-Minute Upgrades
    1. Meeting with the Client
    2. Creating a Page Manager
    3. Creating a Newsletter Tool
    4. Meeting with the Client
    5. Conclusion
  15. Security and Performance
    1. Security
    2. Performance
    3. Conclusion
  16. Launch
    1. One Last Sanity Check of Checkout
    2. Integrating Checkout
    3. Last Remaining Issues
    4. Conclusion
  17. Index