Chapter 12

Bringing Applications to the Enterprise

What's In This Chapter?

  • Bringing your application to nonmobile platforms
  • Supporting multiple platforms

So at this point, you have learned a lot about MonoCross. You've learned how to design and build mobile applications, and you've learned about the architecture and how it's used in your applications. You've learned how to create and consume RESTful services and about the MonoCross utilities in writing cross-platform code for mobile applications. All of this leads to the question: Is MonoCross just for mobile applications? The answer is most definitely no!

You can develop MonoCross applications for any platform that supports C# and includes web applications and Windows applications with WPF and XAML. In this chapter you see how easy it is to leverage your design and modeling efforts and create a sample application for the desktop. You also learn how to bring your applications to the cloud via Windows Azure.

Lastly, the chapter covers additional concerns and thoughts you should consider as you build MonoCross applications going forward, including architectural considerations and a preview of how to build a single view in MonoCross that you can use for all your application platforms.

Expanding Your Application's Domain

The examples in previous chapters have shown you how to create a MonoCross application for the iPad, iPhone, and Android, as well as for web browsing on the mobile devices via WebKit containers. But the capabilities ...

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