Suggested Readings

Chapter 1: Heterogeneous Parallel Computing with CUDA

  1. Antonino Tumeo and Politecnicodi Milano. Massively Parallel Computing with CUDA.
  2. David Luebke. GPU Computing: Past, Present and Future. GTC 2011.
  3. Mark Ebersole. Why GPU Computing.
  4. Will Ramey. Introduction to CUDA Platform.

Chapter 2: CUDA Programming Model

  1. CUDA Programming Model Overview.
  2. Justin Luitjens. Introduction to CUDA C. GTC 2012.
  3. Ian Buck. Parallel Programming with CUDA.
  4. Ian Buck. Programming Environments. SC 2009.
  5. Mark Harris. Introduction to CUDA C.

Chapter 3: CUDA Execution Model

  1. CUDA C Programming Guide, Appendix G. Compute Capabilities. ...

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