Querying Word for Visio's Use

Listing 23.3 is another example of collecting information in Visio SmartShape symbols and passing them to Word to generate a full report about the business process in the business process diagram. This code can be found in Process CH32.VSD on the companion CD.

Listing 23.3. Passing Data from Visio to Word
 Private Sub btnReportToWord_Click() Call MakeWordReport End Sub Global intStepIndex As Integer Global intDirtyFlag As Integer Global shpObjSubjectStep As Visio.Shape Public Sub ShowNotes() If Visio.ActiveWindow.Selection.Count = 1 Then If Visio.ActiveWindow.Selection.Item(1).CellExists("Prop.Cost", 0) = True Then Set shpObjSubjectStep = Visio.ActiveWindow.Selection.Item(1) frmNotes.Show End If End If End Sub Private ...

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