Installing DNN Version 7


  • Preparing your system to install DNN version 7
  • Installing DNN version 7
  • Upgrading from previous versions of DNN
  • Getting a trial version of Evoq Content

This chapter reviews the installation process of the DNN Platform and shows how to get a trial version of Evoq Content. If you want to create a website, you have different options to get started.

  • The Install Package contains only the files needed to run a website in IIS (Internet Information Services). These files are compatible with SQL Server and SQL Express.
  • The Source Package contains the source code of the application including every module included in the DNN Platform.
  • The Deploy Package is used by the Web Platform Installer and includes the necessary files you need to deploy to a web server. The Web Platform Installer also verifies and installs additional dependencies to get the website up and running with little effort and knowledge.
  • The Upgrade Package contains only the files needed for an upgrade of an existing website. Your previous edition for the upgrade must be version 6 or higher. Notes on upgrading from earlier versions are available at
  • Evoq Content Trials are hosted in Microsoft's Azure servers and are the best way for you to test the advanced functionality without having your own infrastructure ...

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