Chapter 4. Guestbook Module Requirements

Previous chapters in this book have provided overviews of DotNetNuke, packages, installation, and general terminology. With that base knowledge, you are now ready to dive into the specific requirements of the module that will be built in the remaining chapters of this book. This chapter begins with a basic listing of the requirements of the module that will be created. It then progresses into a discussion regarding the database table structure that will be used to store module information.

After discussing the specifics of the Guestbook module, the remaining sections of the chapter examine a few key items that are helpful when creating requirements for future module development projects. This includes discussions regarding data isolation and key elements to investigate during the requirements process.

Guestbook Module Requirements

Over the course of the remaining chapters of this book, you will create a simple Guestbook module. Certain requirements for the example module are less extensive than a true "for profit" module would require. This is done to ensure that the examples contained in the book are an appropriate size, as they are designed to provide a module that can be used as a base and extended for future requirements.


The created Guestbook module should provide a few basic bits of functionality for a robust and customizable user interface, leveraging as many core features of DotNetNuke as possible. The module should be created ...

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