Chapter 5. Starting the Module Creation Process

Previous chapters of this book have worked through the basics of DotNetNuke, including historical information and overall system configuration. This chapter introduces the development process and is the first step to creating the Guestbook module that will be fully functional by the end of the book. This chapter focuses on the basic elements of DotNetNuke module creation, including file locations, template limitations, and DotNetNuke manifest files. Also provided is a brief overview of the files included in a default module template.

The chapter begins by creating the module project, and examples are provided for both C# and VB.NET developers. After creating the project, general template limitations for both the C# and the VB.NET templates are discussed. After the project is completed, the overall structure of the project is investigated, including information on all included files, and general changes that will be required. By the end of this chapter, you will have created a full Visual Studio WAP solution that can be used for all development activities in the remaining chapters of the book.

Creating the Module Project

The actual process of setting up the development project is as simple as selecting the project template from within Visual Studio by choosing File

Creating the Module Project

In order for modules to be tested in an adequate manner, they must be created ...

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