This book was written to provide insight into the development techniques needed (and the options available) to work within the DotNetNuke framework. I have placed an emphasis on the available methods to extend the framework, as well as the situations and rules governing when each respective extension model should be used. Along with this emphasis on selecting the right extension method, the book stresses the importance of leveraging the framework in as many areas as possible, and ultimately using the framework to the advantage of the developer, rather than merely working with it.

As an active developer in the DotNetNuke community for a number of years, I have found that although existing books cover DotNetNuke concepts, no book focuses primarily on developing DotNetNuke. Most books on the market today cover development topics with a few relatively small chapters toward the tail end of the book, after spending a majority of the time on general conceptual information about how to administer the framework. This approach precludes a focus on development.

In addition to this, one current weakness of the DotNetNuke framework is developer documentation. The framework provides developers with numerous amazing methods to extend the framework and build truly robust applications, but as of this writing, minimal API documentation exists, and overall development topics are scattered all over the Internet. Many community members have helped to supplement this lack of developer content ...

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