Chapter 6. Creating a TV Listings Application


  • Utilizing XML

  • Security considerations when loading data

  • Using PureMVC to build a TV Listings application

So far you've been given an overview of Flash Lite, object-oriented programming, UI components, and the PureMVC framework. In this chapter you will build on the knowledge gained so far in the opening chapters and explore a TV listings application.

You'll explore an API developed by TV Genius ( founded by Tom Weiss, who provides services for integrating with their innovative TV listings search engine.


In recent years the development of YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Sky Player, and other TV-related Internet services have changed the way in which we consume television and video clips. When I developed a Flash Lite Mobile TV Guide in 2005, it was a proof of concept, which was loosely based on what I saw in the Radio Times magazine. In the application you were able to select a day of the week, pick a channel, and then view exactly what was on for that day, and if a title looked interesting, you were able to read a little description. The application is very well suited to mobile devices because it means that you are able to view TV listings wherever you are. With the popularity of TV on demand via the web, gaming consoles, and television sets, mobile applications that feed us the information to make informed choices on what to watch, and when, will certainly evolve in the coming years.

In this ...

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