Chapter 7. Creating a Media Console


  • Working with video and sound

  • Utilizing NetConnection and NetStream classes

  • Using Flash Media Server to stream media files

  • Using PureMVC to build the Media Console

Popular music download services such as Sky Songs, Spotify, and iTunes lead the way in streaming media technology, providing services to millions of users every day, through a variety of interfaces including Web, desktop, and mobile. Audio and video continues to play a key role in today's rich media, content-driven Internet. In this chapter you'll learn how to utilize the media capabilities of Flash Lite and explore the build of a Flash Lite Media Console mobile application.

You will learn about both video and sound capabilities of the Flash Lite player, covering playback of content in Device Central.


First, let's detail the classes responsible for the playback of media in the Flash Lite 3.x Player, before moving on to creating an application. Central to the development of a media component is the NetConnection and NetStream classes. These must be used together in order to successfully play back content.

Using NetConnection

The NetConnection class can be used for connecting to your media, whether locally on the device or on a remote server. The class has two methods:

  • connect() — Opens a connection

  • close() — Closes a connection

Here's an example of the net connection in use:

var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

In this ...

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