Chapter 10. Using Nokia's S60 Platform Services API


  • Listing installed applications

  • Importing calendar events

  • Managing contacts

  • Retrieving a device's coordinates

  • Sending text messages

In this chapter, you will learn about how you can extend the features of your Flash Lite mobile applications using the libraries from Forum Nokia and the S60 Platform Services API. You will be provided with snippets and code examples that you can use in the development of your applications, while comprehensively exploring the APIs.

The S60 Platform Services API library, which is referenced here, can be found on the Forum Nokia Developers website at


The S60 Platform is the software platform specially created for mobile phones that runs on Symbian OS, one of the leading smartphone platforms in the world. You'll frequently come across references to the platform in various guises. For one, there have been several releases of the platform over the years, including: S60 (2001), S60 2nd Edition (2003), S60 3rd Edition (2005), and S60 5th Edition (2008). Between each major release and the next, there have been iterations containing significant changes or features that were updated in the platform, such as support for higher screen resolutions and increased security for installing third-party applications. One of the features introduced in S60 5th Edition was support for a higher screen resolution of 640 × 360 px, with touch input ...

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