Chapter 13. Packaging Flash Lite Applications for Distribution


  • Utilizing Symbian SDK tools to create application installer files

  • Using Swf2Jar to package content targeted for devices

  • Signing your packages

  • Distribution opportunities

Okay, so you are now at the stage where you have created your Flash mobile content, fully tested your application in Adobe Device Central, and tested it again and again on the plethora of handsets that you own. Now you're ready to take it to market. Where do you start?

In Chapters 5 through 11, you learned how to create content with resource files that are associated with the main application swf file. In this chapter, you'll explore how to package Flash Lite content that is ready for distribution to the consumer.


Learn to package your Flash Lite content, and you'll be able to overcome some of the obstacles in the way of distributing your Flash Lite content, including:

  • Distributing applications with multiple resource files.

  • Targeting the right platform.

  • Installing files to optional paths.

  • Ensuring files are installed to their correct locations.

  • Providing a single access point.

The content you develop may not always be contained in a single .swf file, and in fact, it is more likely that your mobile content will require multiple resources and data files associated with the main application. As with some of the content you've developed in this book, application resources such as .xml and image files that reside externally to the ...

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