Connected Lab 1

Installing Git

This lab will guide you through the steps for installing Git on your system. If you already have Git installed, you can skip to the next chapter. Otherwise, select the appropriate section for your operating system, and follow the instructions.

Installing Git for Windows

The Git for Windows package installs a version of Git that also includes a Bash (Unix) shell that runs on top of Windows and provides a Unix-style interface to Git. You can also integrate Git with the Windows Explorer and command prompts.

The following instructions provide the necessary steps for installation, as well as additional information on the install screens you will encounter during the process.


Each of the following numbered steps represents a new screen of the installation tool.

  1. In your browser, go to The download starts automatically.
  2. After the download completes, double-click the executable file (or select the “Run” button if one is available) to start the install (If any security prompts come up, answer them to allow the install to run.)
  3. Click Next after viewing the license agreement.
  4. (Optional) Deselect any integration pieces you don't want. This allows you to set up integration with the Windows Explorer and file associations if you want. Click Next.
  5. Select how you want to use Git. This screen gives you several options:
    1. a. Use Git from Git Bash only: This refers to the Unix shell that comes as a separate program with Git ...

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