CHAPTER 7Ecosystem at Large: Hadoop with Apache Bigtop

In the modern world software is becoming more and more sophisticated all of the time. The main complexity, however, lies not in the algorithms or the tricky UI experience. It is hidden from the end user and resides in the back—in the relations and communications between different parts of a software solution commonly referred to as a software stack. Why are stacks so important, and what is so special about the Apache Hadoop data processing stack?

In this chapter you will be presented with materials to help you get a better grip of data processing stacks powered by the software that forms the foundation of all modern Apache Hadoop distributions. The chapter, by no means, is a complete text book on Apache Bigtop. Instead, we will put together a quick guide on the key features of the project, and explain how it is designed. There will be a collection of available resources that help you to grow your expertise with the ecosystem.

Bigtop is an Apache Foundation project aimed to help infrastructure engineers, data scientists, and application developers to develop and advance comprehensive packaging. This requires you to test and manage the configurations of the leading open source big data components. ...

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