APPS ARE EVERYWHERE! Whether bookmarked in web browsers or downloaded to mobile devices, apps of all sorts are pervasive in everyday life. With cloud computing now on the forefront of technology, creating and delivering such apps is easier than ever. Anyone from a senior research fellow to an aspiring web developer can create amazing apps for people to enjoy at record pace.

Enabling such creation is the concept of cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS). PaaS enables architects, developers, and even hobbyists to take their ideas, write some code locally, and then deploy an app in a matter of moments. No longer are people saddled with the burden of managing servers, operating systems, databases, language run times, framework libraries, or additional tools. In the PaaS world, all of the mundane is taken care of, enabling “creators” to focus on their great ideas.

Leading this innovative new approach to creating, developing and deploying apps is Heroku. Now part of the family of companies, Heroku is considered by many to be the leading PaaS for multi-language, cloud-based app deployment. With more than a million users, and more than two-and-a-half million deployed apps, Heroku also supports more languages and third-party tools than any other PaaS in the market today.

Professional Heroku Programming is a hands-on guide to creating apps on Heroku. We walk you through the core concepts in PaaS and Heroku, introducing you to a new way of thinking about developing ...

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