Chapter 10. Extending the Integrated Providers Model

The previous chapter provided in-depth coverage of the IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated providers model where you learn a great deal about the internals of this model and its constituent components. You also saw this model in action. This chapter builds on what you learned in the previous chapter to teach you how to extend the integrated providers model to implement fully configurable provider-based services.

I begin the chapter by presenting a detailed step-by-step recipe for extending the integrated providers model. Then I use this recipe to implement a fully configurable RSS provider-based service that can generate RSS data from any type of data store.


Follow these steps to extend the IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated providers model to develop a fully configurable provider-based service:

  1. Implement a custom provider base class that defines the API through which your provider-based service will interact with its providers. This API isolates your service from the specifics of its providers, allowing it to interact with them in a generic fashion without knowing their real types.

  2. Implement a custom provider collection class that acts as a container for providers of your service.

  3. Take the following steps to extend the IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated configuration system to add support for a new configuration section for your service to allow the clients of your service to configure your service directly from configuration files:

    1. Use the IIS ...

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