Chapter 12. ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation Integration in IIS 7

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a comprehensive layered framework for service-oriented programming. The top layer of this framework, known as the Service Model layer, allows you to model the communications of your software product with the outside world with minimal time and effort. The framework then extracts all the required information from your model and uses this information to create and to configure the runtime components needed to implement your model from a lower layer of the framework (known as the Channel layer). In other words, you're only responsible for modeling the communications of your products with the outside world, and you don't have to worry about actually implementing this model. This saves you from having to deal with dirty little details of the underlying runtime components that implement your model, and consequently allows you to focus on what matters to your application, that is, the domain-specific requirements of your application.

This chapter presents and discusses the implementation of an example that will show you how to use the Windows Communication Foundation Service Model to model the communications of your own software products. During the course of this chapter you'll see how you can take advantage of the deep integration of ASP.NET and WCF services in the IIS 7 environment in your own Web applications.

Installing the Required Software

Because Windows Vista and ...

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