Chapter 17. Programmatic Configuration and Management

No previous version of IIS has offered nearly the same level of management and programmatic configuration as IIS 7.0. The latest release of IIS has taken large steps in the area of management and laid a foundation for extensive customization.

The configuration infrastructure is leaps and bounds above IIS 6.0, with the ability to extend the schema, thereby allowing all the programming methods to immediately use the custom extensions. The schema is no longer hard-coded into IIS; instead, it's fully extensible.

Additionally, with the move away from the metabase and toward the XML configuration structure, mimicking the ASP.NET structure, IIS 7.0 fully supports many of the configuration methods familiar to .NET developers.

If you have invested into custom programs in previous versions of IIS, you will be happy to know that the IIS development team has taken great care to ensure that IIS 7.0 is backward-compatible with existing scripts, allowing you to continue to use your existing code.

This chapter is broken into two main sections: direct configuration and programmatic configuration. Direct configuration refers to understanding the configuration model and many of the underlying principles that can be managed using a simple text editor. After a detailed explanation of the configuration model, we discuss programmatic configuration and methods such as the new managed AHAdmin that lies at the programming API core, the new .NET-managed code ...

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