Chapter 20. Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

At first glance, "Diagnostics and Troubleshooting" might not strike you as a very interesting chapter. Let's put you at ease from the beginning. Whether you are a casual IIS administrator or an IIS professional, you have probably run into many situations in which you wanted to find out why a page was taking a long time to load, why it hung, why it was consuming so much CPU, or why it failed. In this chapter, we will explore together many of the new and existing features and tools that will help you better manage your web platform.

IIS 7.0 brings with it a wealth of new troubleshooting features which greatly enhance this latest version of Microsoft's web platform. It is easy to get excited about the ability that IIS now gives us to get behind the scenes and gain access to a wealth of information.

This chapter will start off with many new features that IIS 7.0 offers and then will branch off into various other tools built into the operating system and some additional tools that can be downloaded, to make your troubleshooting skills the envy of your fellow administrators.

Types of Issues

It is important to gain an understanding of the type of failures that can be encountered on your web server. IIS 7.0 has built-in support for the following types of errors:

  • Specific errors

  • Hang/time-out issues

  • Resource-intensive issues

Specific Errors

The first type of error is a specific error. These are the errors that usually fail quickly and will show an HTTP ...

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