Professional iOS Network Programming: Connecting the Enterprise to the iPhone and iPad

Book description

Learn to develop iPhone and iPad applications for networked enterprise environments

The iPhone and iPad have made a powerful impact on the business world. Developers creating iOS apps for the enterprise face unique challenges involving networking, system integration, security, and device management. This Wrox guide provides everything you need to know to write iOS apps that integrate with enterprise network resources, providing options for networking iOS devices to enterprise systems and to each other.

  • Offers a complete compendium of methods and techniques for networked communication between iOS applications and other platforms and devices

  • Includes instruction on incorporating synchronous and asynchronous HTTP requests, security, communication issues, and more

  • Covers payload handling, network security, GameKit and Bonjour communications, and low-level network communications

Professional iOS Network Programming focuses on the networking aspects of iOS and its relationship to remote data sources, offering a truly unique approach.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Part I: Understanding iOS and Enterprise Networking
    1. Chapter 1: Introducing iOS Networking Capabilities
      1. Understanding the Networking Frameworks
      2. iOS Networking APIs
      3. Run Loops
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: Designing Your Service Architecture
      1. Remote Façade Pattern
      2. Service Versioning
      3. Service Locators
      4. Summary
  5. Part II: HTTP Requests: The Workhorse of IOS Networking
    1. Chapter 3: Making Requests
      1. Introducing HTTP
      2. Understanding HTTP Requests and Responses
      3. High-Level iOS HTTP APIs
      4. Advanced HTTP Manipulation
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 4: Generating and Digesting Payloads
      1. Web Service Protocols and Styles
      2. Payloads
      3. Summary
    3. Chapter 5: Handling Errors
      1. Understanding Error Sources
      2. Rules of Thumb for Handling Errors
      3. Gracefully Handling Network Errors
      4. Summary
  6. Part III: Advanced Networking Techniques
    1. Chapter 6: Securing Network Traffic
      1. Verifying Server Communication
      2. Authenticating with HTTP
      3. Message Integrity with Hashing and Encryption
      4. Storing Credentials Securely on the Device
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 7: Optimizing Request Performance
      1. Measuring Network Performance
      2. Optimizing Network Operations
      3. Summary
    3. Chapter 8: Low-Level Networking
      1. BSD Sockets
      2. CFNetwork
      3. NSStream
      4. Summary
    4. Chapter 9: Testing and Manipulating Network Traffic
      1. Observing Network Traffic
      2. Manipulating Network Traffic
      3. Simulating Real-World Network Conditions
      4. Summary
    5. Chapter 10: Using Push Notifications
      1. Scheduling Local Notifications
      2. Registering and Responding to Remote Notifications
      3. Understanding Notification Best Practices
      4. Summary
  7. Part IV: Networking APP to APP
    1. Chapter 11: Inter-App Communication
      1. URL Schemes
      2. Shared Keychains
      3. Summary
    2. Chapter 12: Device-to-Device Communication With Game Kit
      1. Game Kit Basics
      2. Peer-to-Peer Networking
      3. Client-Server Communication
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 13: Ad-Hoc Networking with Bonjour
      1. Zeroconf Overview
      2. Bonjour Overview
      3. Implementing Bonjour-Based Applications
      4. Summary
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Product information

  • Title: Professional iOS Network Programming: Connecting the Enterprise to the iPhone and iPad
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781118362402